The world can’t possibly end on Friday and this is why

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Mayan calendar dictates that the world is going to end on Friday 21st December, but there is physically no way that this can happen due to the magic of time zones. GMT is effectively the baseline time for the entire world, so when it is 12:00 GMT it is 0:00 in GMT-12 (a time zone filled solely by the uninhabited Baker Island 1,900 miles southwest of Honolulu) and 0:00 the next day in places running by GMT+12 (i.e. parts of Fiji and Kiribati). Go one minute earlier and while GMT+12 will be back on the same day as GMT, GMT-12 won’t be. This means that there will never be a time when everywhere on the planet is experiencing the wonders of the end of the world Friday, so to say the world will end then is completely wrong.

It has to happen over at least 2 days.


Author: Xavier Voigt-Hill

I write words.

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