How I’m going offline

As you may know, I’m going offline for CES week because:

  • It’s mock exam week
  • I am too easily distracted by interesting tech stuff
  • I want to prove that I can do it
  • #YOLO

My device portfolio for the week will consist of a Chromebook, Nexus 7 and Lumia 800 all with data and WiFi connections switched off, and I’m downloading all my files from Google Drive, Kindle books and some Spotify playlists to keep me entertained. As for all the CES news, I’m going to activate this IFTTT recipe before I go to sleep tomorrow which should save every Verge article into my Pocket queue.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll manage this, and it should act as a trial run for longer stints when it’s actual exam season. Wish me luck.


Author: Xavier Voigt-Hill

I write words.

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